Hog Roast Hire

On Arrival Pimms and Canapés

40-50 pax £495.00

numbers over 51 £7.95 per head

Our Pimms Fountain is a great feature and  vocal point as Guests arrive with refills as requred at £85 per fil (appox 12-14 litres)

  • 20 litres of Home made Pimms
  • The fruit and Ice
  • Ice Buckets
  • Mixed hot oriental Canapés
  • mini duck pancake rolls
  • mini corriader samosas
  • spring rolls
  • mini onion bahjees,
  • Thai chicken satay
  • king prawns in filo pastry, 
  • One person serving Canapés and Pimms

Pimms fountain Hire Only
16-20 litres of Home made Pimms (one large Fill) The Fruit, mint Ice and and Ice buckets £295.00

Large 5 Teir Chocholate fountain
Filled with Fresh melted warm Belguim Chocolate 
Supplied with Dips 
 Marshmallows, profiteroles & local grown strawberries,
Napkins paper plates and skewers
Also comes with Operator to set up and help serve
40-80 pax £475.00
Numbers over 81 £4.95 per head

Both the Pimms and Chocolate Fountain only come with any roasts or BBQ at prices quoted


We can offer a Coffee and Tea Station for guests to help them selfs prices start from £100 for 30-40 guests

We can offer crockery and cutlery service this will include waitresses to clear tables clean dishs etc. Help serve drinks and wash glasses as required prices start at £5 per head